We have passed year 11 and looking to completing year 12 on May 13 2017!  It was Friday the 13th when we got married.  Who said it has to be an unlucky day, for us it was a great day!

Things happen in life that influence the direction for a person’s life. Tragedies, consequences, career path moves and many other factors determine the direction of life. We venture down those life paths, not knowing what will be around the next corner, the next valley or over the next hill or in our case around the next coral reef. Around one of those life reefs, our lives met and interacted and here we are years later, together, a family, Jill, Meeka, Mali and I together for a lifetime.

We met thru Match.Com, yes we met online, but there is nothing wrong with that. Jill had just taken out a one-year subscription to Match.Com, and Danny had a one-month subscription. Danny made the initial contact and invited Jill to attend a Diving Rebels membership meeting on November 5, 2003. Our next date was a bit trashy, but anytime you do an Adopt A Hiway Cleanup, there will be a bit of trash thrown about. However, that evening, after a shower and a change of clothes, our dinner together started a wonderful and lasting relationship. We saw each other as much as possible and before long we were inseparable.

Jill, the owner of Jill’s Fixtures, does store liquidations for companies such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, JC Penny’s, and Walgreen’s. Danny is now retired.  As with his job with ExxonMobil, his job with Ocwen Financial was sent out of the country, this time to India.  It was a blessing in desguise as he was able to retire and now works with Jill in the fixture liquidation business.  He now has a lot more time to travel.  We lost Meeka in August of 2015.  She was 15 years old and became ill with a tumor and we believe cancer.  In December 2014 we added Mini Kat (short for Katness) to our family.  Mini Kat is a "Munchkin" breed as she has short legs.  Their job is to ....... well do what cats and dogs do ........ !!

Danny are Jill are both PADI Master Scuba Instructors and Danny is also a SDI Instructor and an SSI Divemaster Instructor. Danny is an instructor at Aqua Trek Sports.  Since we met, we have dove many places together. Please see our SCUBA pages for our dive profiles, more information and pictures about the places that we’ve been.