Jill Hart Bouska   
PADI Master Scuba Instructor #84055

Jill became certified in 1992 and quickly moved thru the PADI certifications to become a PADI Open Water Instructor.   Jill has certified just over 100 divers since becoming an instructor.  Her two daughters are both divers with one being a PADI Instructor and her husband a PADI Divemaster and her other daughter and husband are both PADI Master Scuba Divers.  Jill's grandson started diving at the age of 10 and has been diving in Cozumel several times.  Jill's enthusiasm for the sport of scuba diving is very contagious as can be seen with the number of divers within her family.  In addition to enjoying teaching scuba, Jill is an avid recreational diver having dove in a number of blue water locations throughout the world.  Jill has been diving in Utila Honduras, Costa Rica, Roatan, Belize, Cozumel, Aruba, Bonaire, Curasal, Tabogo, Antigua, Grand Cayman, Cabo San Lucas, San Carlos, Los Cabos, La Paz, Australia and Utila.

Dive Certifications:

PADI Open Water, 1992
PADI Adv Open Water, 1992
PADI Rescue Diver, 1994
PADI Master Scuba Diver, 1996
PADI Divemaster, 1995
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, 1996
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, 1996

Additional Instructor Credentials:

AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty
Boat Diver 
Deep Diver
Drift Diver 
Dry Suit Diver
Enriched Air Diver
Multilevel Diver
Night Diver
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Search & Recovery
Underwater Photographer
Underwater Navigator
Underwater Videographer
Wreck Diver