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courtesy of Scuba News

Crocodilefish, Papiloculiceps longiceps

 Appropriately named, the Crocodilefish has a flattened shape with bony ridges and spines on its head. Its body is mottled above, whitish below. It mainly lives on sand and rubble near coral heads, although you might also find it in patches of seagrass. From the Red Sea to Durban, the Seychelles and Madagascar - it stays shallow: between 1 and 15 m.

The Carpet Flathead grows to 70 cm and has two dorsal (back) fins. It is a very placid fish which, confident in its camouflage, lets you approach closely. Although related to scorpion fish it is harmless. It is an interesting and easy fish to photograph, worth turning your attention from the coral to the sand for a few moments.

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